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Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue is a no-kill shelter providing temporary housing, care, and rehoming services for stray, abandoned, or otherwise unwanted ferrets.

All services are by appointment only as shelter is in a private home.

Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue will be closed to adoptions and surrenders (except emergencies) from July 13 through August 3.

Open for Adoptions and Surrenders by appointment ONLY! If you are intersted in adopting, please call (541) 484-1090 to do the pre-adoption phone interview.  To surrender, please call (541) 484-1090 to make an appointment to drop off your ferret(s).  

Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue is open for Surrenders and Adoptions by appointment only!

Volunteers desperately needed for shelter cleaning!

If you can help with Shelter Cleaning please call (541) 484-1090 to discuss dates and times you can help.  It would be usual stuff: emptying litter boxes, changing bedding, cleaning cage floors and shelves, interacting with the ferrets as they are running around at your feet, filling food dishes and water bottles, vaccuming and cleaning the shelter floors, etc.

Adoption fees are now a bit higher!  Please see the right sidebar for new prices!

Adoption Information:

  • We no longer adopt to anyone who lives outside of Oregon. 

  • We do NOT adopt to anyone who has children younger than 8 years old living in the household--no exceptions.

You must do the telephone interview by calling (541) 484-1090 before you'll be invited to meet the adoptable ferrets.

Please make sure you bring a carrier to take your new pets home in; no carrier, no adoption! After you have made the decision on which ferret or ferrets you want to adopt, you will fill out the adoption contract, and you will take your new pet(s) home.

If you are interested in any of the ferrets located in Newport, you must still do a phone interview with the shelter manager who is located in Eugene -- (541) 484-1090.  Ferrets may need to be transported to the Eugene location to receive a vaccine and a microchip before they can be adopted. 

Surrenders: To save time, you  can download the Ferret Surrender Agreement and Ferret Behavior Profile, print and fill them out and bring them with you.  If you don't bring the Surrender paperwork, you will have to fill it out when you bring the ferret(s) to the shelter. 

Boarding: We provide boarding services for a reasonable fee. 
Fees for up to 4 ferrets are: $15/day if you bring your own food; $20/day if you use Shelter Mix of food.  Long term boarding fees are dependent on circumstances. Please call (541) 484-1090 to discuss Long Term Boarding.


We are the only ferret shelter along the I5 corrider.  We serve any area in Oregon as long as people want to drive to Eugene to surrender and/or adopt! We provide information and education about ferrets through brochures, hands-on demonstrations, and other events. We hope that through education and contact, people will gain a better understanding of the domestic ferret as a fun and playful pet.

We also need people to volunteer at all the events listed to the right.  If you can help with any of them, please email or call (541) 484-1090 to discuss when you can help!  Volunteer times don't need to be the full time of the event.  You can volunteer for just a few hours if you'd like.  Volunteering can be used as community service credit if you need it! We have no employees!  The entire shelter is run by Volunteers! 

Lane Area Ferret Shelter Ferret Adoption Fees

Single ferret < 4 years: $100.00

Pair of ferrets < 4 years: $180.00

Single ferret 4+:  $75.00

Pair of ferrets 4+: $140.00

Upcoming Events

Pet Fest!

June 29, 10 am - 2 pm

Island Park, 200 W B St, Springfield

Fundraising Yard Sale

August 16, 17, and 18.

8am to 5 pm each day!

323 Exeter Ave.

Eugene, OR


2024 Ferret Agility Trials


September 8, noon to 4 pm

Emerald Park, 1400 Lake Drive, Eugene, OR

Contact Us


(Call for appt.)

Eugene, OR

Sign up to Volunteer at Ferret Events!!

Thank you for your interest in Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue! We'll contact you soon!

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